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  • ALES - Ales are brewed with top fermenting yeast and typically at warmer temperatures than lagers.  Ales usually have a distinctive fruitfulness, acidity, and pleasantly bitter seasoning.  Ales also come in man varities such as:  Bitters, Milds, Abbey Ales, Pale Ales and Nut Browns.
    • PORTERS - A type of ale brewed with top fermenting yeast, porters are dark (almost black) are brewed with a combination of roasted malt to impart flavor, color and aroma.
    • STOUTS - Stouts are also a type of ale brewed with top fermenting yeast.  Stouts are not as sweet to the taste and feature a rich, creamy head and are flavored and colored by barley.


  • LAGERS - Lagers are brewed with bottom fermenting yeast.  The word Lager orginates from the German word "lagern" which means "to store" - referring to the method of storing for months in near freazing temperatures.  Lagers are crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish.
    • PILSNERS - Pilsners are actually a type of pale lager.  Pilsners are usually lighter in color and usually have less alcohol content than lagers and ales.